A critical call to council to walk the Vision Zero talk / by Tim Querengesser

All people in Edmonton should read this blog post on Vision Zero. 

The wonderfully incisive and personally invested post, by an Edmonton citizen who lost his son after he was hit by a driver in a crosswalk, has some hard truths for city council to swallow about their program.

It asks why many of us haven't even heard of Vision Zero, why so little aside from some "half-hearted attempts" seems to have been done for the campaign and why so few in power speak up on the issue of walker safety in Edmonton.


As the writer notes: "... the silence from the rest of council, and the city administration is deafening and troubling. It appears the politicians are not yet sure the voters are ready to accept tougher enforcement, slower speeds and that the car (more often truck or SUV) is no longer king."

It truly is.

Edmonton is uniquely skilled at speaking a lot about things it could be doing, rather than doing them. Vision Zero is one of those things. It's an election year. Vision Zero needs to be a topic on the doorstep. It will be at my house. 

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