Walkcast Ep. 09 — Failure: How one family has lost faith with Edmonton's Vision Zero campaign / by Tim Querengesser

Flickr/Bill Wren

Flickr/Bill Wren

As Edmonton council prepares to inspect the city's latest Vision Zero report today (Wednesday, May 2), I caught up with Jane Cardillo and Steve Finkelman.

Cardillo and Finkelman lost their son, David Finkelman, after a driver hit and killed him in a crosswalk on Whyte Avenue in 2014. Four years later, after first pushing hard and working with the city on its Vision Zero campaign, the two say they have lost faith in the campaign, which is producing mediocre results. 

They are calling for big changes. 

We spoke in their home. David's electric guitar still sits in its stand in the living room. The background noise you occasionally will hear are birds, a distant radio and their border collie coming by to visit.