UPDATE: What Edmonton said it wanted from LRT at the arena / by Tim Querengesser

I have been given several documents in confidence in relation to my original post on the MacEwan LRT station. That post, by the way, received more than 15,000 page-views, which suggests to me that many in Edmonton want answers to the questions the blog raises. 

Many people email me tips daily about this blog post, as well as document links. Rather than write a full investigative story I will simply share a tidbit of this information.

In this 2012 report, titled Designing a new arena for Edmonton — a summary of views from the public, the following things are noted:

  • Community-stakeholder meetings reportedly showed layouts of how the arena would connect with LRT;
  • 50.7 per cent or community respondents strongly agreed that they were "likely to use LRT or bus service" to attend events at the arena; 
  • More than 170 comments were received on the "need to plan for large volumes of people on game days and concert days ... who will all wish to use the nearby LRT at the same time"; 
  • More than 30 per cent of respondents answered this question — "What suggestions do you have to ensure Transportation and Parking works efficiently for the arena project?" — by noting mass transit was the answer and that designers should "Make sure the LRT station is directly connected to the arena"