Do you believe a story can change the world? Let's work together. 

Every one of my clients wants to make a positive change, big or small. To achieve that, I help my clients tell clear, meaningful stories about why they do what they do, and let everyone else focus on the how. These stories are built from character, narrative and your skin in the game, not jargon or corporate speak. After 15 years as an award-winning journalist, I strengthen stories by asking you questions, digging for your facts and explaining, simply, your larger context to your community.  

The process is everything. I interview my clients to discover what they really need, not let them pay me to build a forgotten website or manage a dead Twitter handle. Within this process we see if we share values and how your story informs everything else. I work best with people who build things, add vibrancy, provide missing links, tear up the status quo and, especially, know they need to reconsider how they communicate.

The solution is story. The first question is: Do you actually want to communicate with your community? If so, let's work together. 

Be in touch: 780-717-6096. 


Old Strathcona Farmers' Market

Why? Farmers' markets are the original connectors. The Old Strathcona Farmers' Market is as much about building a strong, more resilient Edmonton as it is about selling great produce and crafts. Our city is stronger because of OSFM and it's a pleasure to help them create their future communications strategy. 

Paths for People

Why? Paths for People is a group of cyclists, walkers and city builders who are pushing for Edmonton to get with the times and create a more livable city. I'm involved as a communications consultant but also as a citizen. Our city is better because of this group.  

RedBrick Real Estate Services

Why? RedBrick is working to build a better Edmonton. The group advocates for increased density and improved infill policies, and it builds community through opening co-creation spaces like Homestead in the revitalized Alberta Block building, located on Edmonton's Jasper Avenue. 


Why? Naheyawin is working to integrate indigenous approaches to strategy, design, communications and business. Naheyawin is telling a new story, and it's a vital one in Edmonton. If I wasn't involved in some small way, I'd still be their biggest fan.