Hello. I'm Tim Querengesser, a communications, mobility and strategy consultant, public speaker, entrepreneur and award-winning journalist who lives in Edmonton, Alberta.

My writing has recently appeared in The WalrusCityLabAlberta Views, The Globe and Mail, the Financial PostAvenue, MaisonneuveAlberta Venture and Up Here, to name a few publications. Here's a news story about my national magazine award nominations, too. Most people in Edmonton know me as the former editor of Metro, or the current editor of The Yards

Recent clients for my consulting services include: Special Olympics Alberta, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, Oliver Community League, Downtown Edmonton Community LeagueOld Strathcona Farmers' Market and Paths for People

In 2014, filmmaker friends Pablo Saravanja, Jay Bulkaert and I produced a documentary, 'Cold Amazon,' for The Gordon Foundation. Here are some words The Walrus wrote about us. 

One of the greatest things I've ever done was live and work in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia for a year. Here are a few stories I wrote, while there, for the Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen and The Yukon News

I also went to China and decided to write about things, like the one-child policy (now defunct) while there. And I also have a podcast about walking

Aside from writing for myself, I create communications strategies for clients, ghost-write, edit reports and offer my deep fluency in many issues as a speaker and moderator for groups hosting events. 

At the moment I'm writing a memoir about car dependency and I just finished a writing residency at the Banff Centre as part of that. My book is partly inspired by my work with The Edmonton Wayfinding Society, a group I founded in 2013 to push for a more walkable city. Here's a story the Edmonton Journal wrote about that work. 

My email is Tim at timquerengesser dot com

Photo: Alex Scuccato/EEDC